Every business is unique. Because of this, accounting needs vary. To meet your company's needs, we provide a suite of services certain to fulfill the requirements of virtually any small business.

Hiring an accounting professional helps you save your time and lets you focus more on your core business. This is the most known factor for every business owner. Opting for a right professional will always help your business have a better cash flow by sorting out the accounts payable/receivable. Your business accounts/books are managed up-to-date and on time with no issues. No more worries with the tax preparation. Your taxation process will be on/before the due date. You could also experience a better structure, if your accounting business model is outsourced (lowest cost, accurate reports and time saving factor)!

As an owner of DL Accounting & Tax Services, I have over 35+ years of experience in establishing accounting books and records, designing bookkeeping processes for financial transactions, and preparing financial statements for small businesses and corporations.

Please review the list below. If something you need is missing, please don't hesitate to call and ask why our services are well-matched with your needs. And if we can't do it, we certainly know who can.

• Accounting Services (including Analysis)
• Bank Reconciliations
• Full-charge Bookkeeping Services
• Budgeting and Forecasting
• Cash Flow Management
• Conversions from Manual to Automated Systems
• Financial Statement Preparation
• General Ledger Preparation
• Loan Application Preparation
• Tax Return Preparation
• Tax Planning
• and more